Dreaming About Someone Repeatedly

Dreams are often symbolic and spiritual, they represent the deep emotions and energies in our minds and hearts. The brain brings to memory those things we have constantly been thinking about. According to research,repetitive dreaming bears various meanings. This article will help you understand what it means if you constantly dream about someone, what to do when you dream about the same person twice in a row and why someone may dream about you.

Dreaming about someone repeatedly means that they are constantly in your subconscious mind. This may signify that you’re in love with the person, you have a deep desire to correct an embarrassing situation, you have pending closures, or you want loved ones who are far away or even deceased to come back.

Dreams occur during the REM (rapid eye movement) stage of our sleep which is estimated to be between one and a half to two hours every night. So what does it mean if you constantly dream about someone?

10 Reasons Why You Constantly Dream About Someone

When you have a repetitive dream about someone, it may bear one of these meanings.

1.    You’re in love with the person

You have a deep affection towards them and you greatly desire to see them. You are constantly thinking about them either consciously or subconsciously. The person does not have to know you and may not be in communication, but because you are reminiscing about them and have this fixated image of them, you miss them. Therefore, you may dream about being with them repeatedly.

2.    You are guilty

Repetitive dreams are common when you’ve wronged someone. Again, the person may not be aware but your mind keeps reflecting the action. This develops guilt and that makes you enslaved to it. When you sleep, that guilt in your subconscious mind comes to play in the form of a dream.

3.    A deep desire to correct an embarrassing situation

An embarrassing moment such as uttering the wrong words or revealing a family secret in a crowd can be tormenting. Maybe you said something extremely intimidating. When the scenes of how it happened and who is involved keep flashing back, this memory remains active for a long time. The results, a recurring dream about the person you intimidated earlier.

4.    Childhood experiences

Repetitive dreams also happen from our childhood experiences. The scariest, happiest, and most painful memories from our childhood mainly stick in our minds and keep replaying in the form of dreams. That’s mainly because while still a child, we explore without limits and experience extreme pleasure or displeasure.  

5.    Forewarning

Psychics believe that dreams that are terrifying mean you may be receiving warning signals about someone close to you. This may be dependent on your faith but the dream behaves as an intuition. They claim that dreaming about someone repetitively can be a medium for predicting what might happen in the future. If, for instance, you keep dreaming about a person dying, they may be in danger.

6.    Pending closures

Other dreams come because you’ve unfinished businesses with someone. You’ll keep dreaming about the person each night, not until you settle the issue with the person. For example, the person may have stolen something valuable from you, and you find it out, the situation can’t be resolved until you settle that issue. 

7.    Worrying about loved ones who are far away

Sometimes, dreams come in the form of an assertion. This is a deep feeling about a close friend or family member that he/she is going through a difficult season. The person may be far away from you but the dream makes you feel like they are within. Note that this may be real or otherwise but the dream remains persistent for some time.

8.    Passing a Message

Some spiritual teachers view dreams as a medium for passing information. For example, several people have dreamt of an upcoming event – either good or bad. When such dreams re-appear, spiritual people start taking precautions. This could mean spiritual acts such as prayer and fasting as well as real-life actions such as ending a relationship.

9.    Real-life Trauma

You have had a traumatic experience that you find almost impossible to overcome. Some dreams are repetitive nightmares coming as a result of real-life (bad) experiences. They are usually terrifying such that they jolt you out of your sleep in the middle of the night. This may be a representation of real-life situations such as accidents.

10.Wishing for Deceased to Come Back

Other times, we may lose the ones we love most. During sleep, you dream about the person alive, a sign that you miss the person, and the good times you had with them. This kind of dream usually occurs immediately after their death.

What to Do When You Dream About the Same Person Twice In a Row

When you dream about someone twice in a row, it can get you worried and fixated on the dream’s context and message. While Sigmund Freud’s suggestion that dreams express forbidden desires can be debated, there is no one-fits-all guide on what to do when you dream about someone repeatedly. But here are a few thoughts on what to do.

1.    Take time to evaluate the dream

Before doing anything else, reflect on the dream. Social psychologists believe that dreams can influence your decision-making process. Reflecting on your dreams can help you understand their meaning thus creating room for you to make the right decisions.

2.    Speak about it to someone trustworthy

Dreams can also be a source of stress especially when you realize you may not have control over them. Maybe you are thinking of approaching the person in question but you are worried that they will put you off. 

Talking helps you to find peace in your mind and forge forward.

3.    Don’t stress yourself

If your dreams recur, it might be that you’re suffering from anxiety or stress. About 60% of people experience recurring dreams that symbolize what’s happening in their lives at an emotional level. Slow down a bit and do a deep retrospection of your life. Chances are that your dreams may have little to no impact on your life.

4.    Resolve Conflicts

Dreams are often a representation of a struggle with unresolved issues. The tensions that underlie our lives and the denials may not disturb us in our waking hours because we are busy but while we sleep, they become tormentors. Dreams – especially recurrent dreams prompt us to question how and why things are the way they are.

The surest way to stop repetitive dreams is to clear your baggage of conflicts and start life on a new slate. Resolving those stubborn issues is likely to bring an end to recurring dreams.

5.    Use Imagery Rehearsal Therapy

This is a cognitive behavior treatment famous for posttraumatic stress disorders. If you experience nightmares so vivid and frightening that you fear to fall asleep, imagery rehearsal therapy can help regain sanity and eliminate the bad dreams. This therapy works by getting rid of negative emotions such as fear, loss, sadness, shame, and anger.

Why Someone Dreams About You

Dreams reflect a deeper working of the mind and it becomes more mesmerizing when you’re in someone else dreams. Here are some proven reasons why someone might dream with you.

1.    They Are In Love with You

Although psychiatrists don’t believe so, when people dream about you, it might signify that they are madly in love with you and cannot get their minds off you.

2.    You Are Spending a Lot of Time with Them

The memories you create together crowd their mind so they tend to think about you throughout. Dreams are one way by which the brain processes stored information. That means you can pop up in their visions if you have consistent meaningful interactions with them.

3.    They Are Trying To Avoid You

Secondly, dreams could be an indication of a battle within. It could be that they are trying to avoid you. Often, we dream about something we are anxious about. Assuming that they are attracted to you and they are fighting those feelings, they may dream of running away from you.

This shows that they are conflicted because they are not sure what to do. They assume that if they tell you, you might withdraw and they lose you or become too attached that they lose their grip.

4.    They Remember You Fondly

Such dreams often occur when they visit a place you frequent or when they talk to people that know you, or they see your photo or something that belongs to you. The more you get involved in someone’s life, the more likely you’ll visit them in their dreams. Because dreams are a reflection of emotions in our waking life, this means that you have an impression on them. It’s rarely a coincidence for people to dream about you. 

In conclusion

Dreams are inroads to our subconscious, and they help us to understand and ascribe meaning to our deeper emotions. People dream about someone repeatedly for various reasons, but there is no definitive theory that comprehensively explains what goes on during a dream. While some dreams are personal, it’s not unusual that a dream repeats itself. Dreams are a reflection of your waking life, echoing your desires, hopes, fears, and anxieties.

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