How to Deal With Unreasonable People

Unreasonable people are always excessive in their arguments. They are poor listeners but expect everyone to pay attention to them. Sadly, unreasonable guys are know-it-all irrational individuals with a terrible attitude. In this piece, we learn how to deal with an unreasonable person.

To deal with unreasonable people, act defenseless. Put your guard down and avoid trying to defend yourself instead, take time, and listen to the person’s point of view. Some of the best ideas are triggered by stubborn unreasonable people who make us dig deep into our creativity. Remain positive and listen first. Realize this person doesn’t think they are unreasonable and try getting their point. Provide them with information and drop the argument if you can’t find the required solution.

15 Ways of Dealing with Unreasonable and Difficult People Effectively

1.    Remain positive

Unreasonable people tend to argue on the negative a lot and they may lead you down that road. Don’t let them, be the guardian for positive energy in every conversation.

2.    Empathize

Contrary to what the majority of people think. Unreasonable people also need to be shown care and love. Empathize with them and avoid being too harsh. They may trigger anger in their arguments but they may not be aware of how difficult it is for you, show them kindness.

3.    Take feedback

Feedback is helpful especially when instilling change. Collect as much as possible and let it challenge your processes and decisions. Sometimes it takes an unreasonable person to unveil some of the risks we may be overriding.

4.    Overcome the pressure

It’s hard to deal with such a person without getting overwhelmed by emotions. If you have to deal with unreasonable people, you have to master your emotions and retrain yourself so that you don’t overreact.

5.    Shift the energy

If you spend too much time going over the same argument over and over, a solution will be hard to come by. To find relief, you can distract the conversation by shifting focus to something else, for example, you can share a joke on a past event.

6.    Offer information in the simplest form possible

It’s possible that people become unreasonable because they don’t know the information behind the decisions you make. They need to know what’s happening in detail for them to be at ease.

7.    Ask questions

What is your opinion? What is it you think we can do differently? These kinds of questions disarm an unreasonable person if they are just being stubborn. If they really have something to offer, crafting questions like these can help you extract their thoughts

8.    Experiment

While dealing with unreasonable people, a lot of ideas can go to waste because they are pushed down way before they are tested. This is one area you have to keep your head high. You just have to keep experimenting.

9.    Exercise self-love

Unreasonable people shed a lot of negative energy. They demean and discourage anyone around them. You have to be intentional about rebuilding your self-worth. Detox each day with something inspirational for instance listening to motivational music or talks.

10.   Find your haven

Most ideas are hatched in a safe environment where one can retreat and think deeply, long and hard. Find a place you can be retreating to recover and rebuild yourself.

11.   Focus on the issue

It’s easy to assume that because a person has been unreasonable several times they will always upset you. When you hold on to that perception, each time they approach you, you will be on defense mode.

For you to be objective, you need to separate the issue from the person and handle each situation as it comes. It may not solve the issue at hand but it will earn respect and rapport from that person.

12.  Have boundaries

When living or working with an unreasonable person, set boundaries to ensure the situation doesn’t go out of hand. Decide ahead of time what conversations you will engage in and which ones you will not.

Let the person know they will only get your attention if they raise their opinions respectably and give you room to contribute.

13.   Allow some room for compromise

If you are unwilling to compromise also makes you an unreasonable person. Allow room for negotiation sometimes so that you can find common ground. This is extremely important for spouses who have children.

14.  Refrain from using force

One major cause of bitterness in relationships – whether work relations or otherwise, it is the forced influence by one party. Avoid forcing change as hard as it may be. Influence action instead.

15.  Use a mediator

I recommend you seek mediation if the person you are dealing with must remain in the picture, for instance, a co-parent.

An impartial mediator can help put issues into perspective and guide you two into finding an amicable solution.

Final Note

If you have tried dealing with difficult people effectively and it’s not working, first give yourself some credit, that’s a great effort. It takes someone with a big heart to remain sober when dealing with an unreasonable person.

If walking away is an option, by all means, do it for your sanity’s sake. Seek peace; you don’t have to keep losing your time tussling without end with someone who doesn’t value you or your input.

Alternatively, maintain a healthy distance, only interact when it’s completely necessary. Don’t cut off the communication but minimize interactions as much possible.

Lastly, all that toxicity can lead you to a place of low self-esteem or depression at worst. Don’t fight those hard emotions alone. Seek help as early as possible. Talk to someone, it may be a counselor, your best friend, or any other person who can help you recover.

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