How To Explain How Much You Love Someone And Why

Explaining how much you love someone can be anything between, exciting, tormenting, and hilarious. I’m not sure it is scientifically proven but women tend to have a greater ability to explain their feelings. Explaining how someone makes you feel is a must-learn skill because it fastens the relationship’s ties. It’s also an everyday affair like I said, it can be tormenting if you are not certain how they make you feel. This article give you a few ideas about how to explain how much and why you love someone.

Telling someone how much and why you love them requires skill. Take your time and be as candid as possible. Express your appreciation for their love first; mention the unique aspects of their lives that make you love them. Talk about their character, their beauty, and their beliefs. Explain how their presence or absence affects you. Go deeper and let them know how much you love spending time with them and watching them exploit their talents. Explain how their interests attract you to them and what it means to you to see them prosper. Most importantly, explain how deeply their love captures you.

How To Explain Why You Love Someone

How To Explain Why You Love Someone

When you are deeply in love, saying ‘I love you’ feels inadequate. You have the opportunity but you lack the words to explain what the heart feels. Words fail us greatly but we must find a way to share these feelings. Here are some of the ways we can use to explain why we love someone. 

1.    Explain using lyrics from a love song

I was reading through Celine Dion’s ‘Because you loved me’ lyrics and even though the song has aged, the words are still so fresh. I thought how sending someone such a song would brighten their day so I sent it to a great friend of mine. The joy was immeasurable and I received so much love back. The beautiful thing is that there are so many love songs out there – for all levels of relationships. 

This may be an ‘old school’ tactic but it works just as perfectly as it did in the old days. It’s even better now, you can send a link of the song on YouTube, or just copy the lyrics and send them on a text message. Better still, you can read out the words to them face to face or on a video call. Among the most treasured love songs you can use are John Legend’s ‘All of me’ and ‘Thinking out loud’ by Ed Sheeran. If you are a sentimental lover like me, Bon Jovi, Celine Dion, Shania Twain, and Blake Shelton are some of the greatest songwriters of all days.

2.     Explain referring to their character

A good character is like a magnet, it attracts more than beauty does. It fortifies us as our youth fades. Author Jacqueline Bisset defines character as a mode of conduct, a standard of courage, discipline, fortitude, and integrity. She asserts that character makes us beautiful. 

It takes deliberate effort to cultivate those great qualities. Recognizing each trait and appreciating it not only shows someone why you love them, but it also affirms them.

Here are a few examples of what you can say.

“Your God-fearing nature drew me to you the first time and it continues to charm me each day”

“You are genuinely a happy soul and I love that about you”

“I love your way of dealing with difficult people”

“You are truly the most honest person I have ever met”

“I’m in awe of how patient you are with me”

“With the kind of humility you portray, I am confident I chose the right partner”

“Is there anyone more disciplined than you out there?”

3.     Describe what you feel in their absence

Distance, even when it makes relationship stagger, it serves a huge purpose in awakening the hidden emotions. It is how we feel while we are separated from the one we love that helps us find significance in each other’s presence. Multiple expressions suit the feeling of absence. You can say;

 “I’m addicted to you. Every time we meet, I find it hard to leave.”

“Whenever I’m away from you, I feel like I’m lacking something.”

 “I feel nurtured when I am with you, but when I am away; my life is like a desert.”

4.     Describe what attracts you to them

As much as we don’t want to admit, the first aspect that attracts us to a person is their outward appearance. Maybe they are a beauty to behold, they have a great sense of fashion, they have a great walking style or just the sweetest smile.

Learning the art of appreciation will give you a wonderful milestone in the journey of love. Tell the person you love at least one thing per day that you appreciate about them. Let them savor those words and live in that bubble for a moment. Say it with all your heart but don’t over-explain it. It’s sweeter and more believable when said in brief. Here are samples for compliments you can use.

“Everything about you is breathtaking, your beauty, your smile, your curves; all of it.”

“You captivate me; I could stare at you all day”

“You are beautiful inside out.”

How to explain how much you love someone

It is one thing to explain why you love someone and another to expound how much that love is. There are several ways you can do this, let’s find out how.

1.     Explain how much their love captures you

When deeply in love, it’s easy to get carried away, lose track of time and find yourself thinking about nothing else. That love bubble may not last long, but as long as it does, treasure it, talk about it and let your lover ‘honeymoon’ with you. Let them know every fiber of your being is soaked in your love. Don’t keep her guessing whether you feel the same, enjoy the ecstasy together. Here is what you can say to make her feel the same way you do

“You have captured my soul”

“Your love has enslaved me”

“I often catch myself smiling when thinking about you”

2.     Explain how much you love them using a gift

If there was no verbal way of explaining love, gifts would still speak. Gifts speak better than orators because each gift brings out its meaning. Before you embark on choosing a gift for someone, you need to know their preferences. Do research or let them tell you what makes them happy. Gifts such as red roses, alluring jewelry, chocolates, perfumes, electronic gadgets, or sports equipment make perfect packages for different occasions.

As earlier mentioned, different gifts carry a different meaning thus send a message depending on the recipient. Here are a few gifts ideas to show how much you love someone and the meanings they carry.

  • A pet- pets offer companionship; they also set the stage for service.
  • Red tulips – these send the truest expression of love
  • Chocolates – romance, an expression of sweetness
  • Clothing, for example, a jacket, a shawl – expresses concern, protection from cold
  • Cooking items – a good wish message for a new home, also to wish someone good health
  • A collection of photos, an album, or a journal – keep safe our treasured moments
  • Scented candles or bedside lamps – sending comfort, calmness, means a time rest
  • A mug – reflecting times of refreshment
  • Religious books and related items – stay focused and strong in faith
  • A watch, phone, and other electronic gadgets – to help you stay organized and keep you updated

3.     Explain how much you appreciate their talent

Apart from appreciating who they are and what attracts you to them, you can express love by honoring the gift someone has. The world expects perfection yet it does not recognize the efforts behind that perfection. On the contrary, we are the support system of the people we love. We see the sweat they put into learning the art. We know the long hours of hard work and the frustrations that come with it.

Being at the forefront in recognizing their sacrifices, affirming them and refuting comparisons is a powerful way of showing how much we love them. Let them feel their talent makes a difference. Remind them often that their hard work does not go unnoticed and watch as their eyes light up with joy.

There are numerous ways of acknowledging someone’s talent without sounding so casual. Here is what you can say instead of “you are talented.”

“You do a great job, I hope you realize it”

“You love your job and it shows”

“Your success isn’t about luck, you work hard; I admire you”

“If only the world would know how high the price you pay to get this stuff done…”

“How do you manage to do all this? You are amazing.”

“It’s hard to imagine the many times you want to give up but you keep up the pace”

“How do you learn all this and how much time does one require to become a pro like you?”

“You have an unmatched skill, very impressive.”

4.     Explain how much you love participating in their interests

In your conversations, explain how you would love to know their interests so you can take part in them. Find out which activities bring them the most joy. Ask questions such as, “what activities would you engage in if you had unlimited income and time?” Take note of the activities they mention and which ones they put more emphasis on.

For simpler activities that are possible to learn, you can commit to learning so that you are in a better position to participate. Ask them which activities they would want you to join, enquire about the ideal time and place. You can buy tickets if need be. For instance, you can buy tickets for soccer matches and watch them together. You can also go watch them play in case they do.

5.     Explain how much you love spending time with them 

Author Rick Warren in his book – purpose-driven life asserts that the most precious gift is time. You only have a limited amount of it and once you spend it, you can’t earn it back. Explain how deep your love is by showing your willingness to spare it some time. Saying that your relationship is important is not enough, prove it by investing time, Rick adds. Relationships demand effort and time, not worthless words.

To show someone that you truly care about them, you will have to incur a cost. Whether it is to travel to just be with them, or cancel appointments, it will cost you. You will sometimes miss out on important events to be with them – for instance when they are sick or mourning. This explains the expression ‘time is money’. Whenever you choose to give time, treasure it knowing that it will not only be expensive in terms of money but also in time.

In conclusion

Now that I think about it, it’s quite intriguing. A while ago I too could not clearly explain how much and why I love someone. After a little research, I learned that love is a fundamental subject that deserves intense attention. I had some men joke saying that you should open up while drunk, and say it all. If the girl takes it positively, acknowledge and go with it. If she rejects you, and the reaction becomes awry, blame the beer. I’m sure many have tried this more than they care to admit. It’s a hilarious tip, I would try it, no doubt.

One last thing, if it does not cost you, you can’t value it. It’s that simple. Offer gifts, sacrifice your time, and offer help with tasks. Most importantly, love without complaining. Mother Theresa once said, “It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”

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