What to Do When You Are Extremely Bored

Do not underestimate boredom. It may appear common but it’s undoubtedly an issue that shouldn’t be ignored. Whether in children or adults, boredom can increase anxiety which leads to depression.

Causes of boredom range from insufficient rest, lack of control over your schedules, poor time management, or minimal mental stimulation. Bored people lose interest in tasks, and learning. They feel unable to start an activity.

When bored, avoid sitting idle and overthinking. Contrary to what your body feels, you still have energy that can be channeled to various productive activities. If you are finding it hard to initiate anything, find a friend to keep you company or go to a place where people are. If that is not possible, engage in other distracting activities like art, cooking, and exercising.

12 refreshing things to do when you are extremely bored

We have compiled a few activities that you can engage in to help you recover, take a look.

1.    Take a walk with your dog

Staying confined can be sickening especially over a long period. Get out with your dog and walk around the house, the flower and kitchen gardens. Take time to notice the beautiful budding plants and butterflies. Take a short walk through the estates. If you live in a place that isn’t fit for walks, take a walk to the nearest park.

2.    Peruse through old photos

Re-living memories is a nice way of passing time. Check out your school photos, your childhood friends, and neighbors. I’m sure some of those memories will take over your time. If you are a fan of art, you can create a collage with your favorite photos.

3.    Create to-do lists

Most people find it hard to write down what they plan to do. It feels like a small task and therefore it’s perpetually postponed. When alone and bored, that’s a perfect chance to list down those forsaken dreams and desires. Some of the lists you can create are;

  • Must-do daily tasks: write everything you hope to do daily. For example, meditate, pray, read a book, exercise, and so on. You can indicate timelines to make your list more practical. For instance, meditate daily 5 – 5:15 am.
  • A gratitude list: this is the most therapeutic activity is you ask me. While bored, most people feel like nothing good is happening but when you intentionally list the things you are grateful for, you get a new lease of life.
  • A bucket list: you probably have this already. I normally write mine but forget to update it. Get yours and update it.

Other lists include books you intend to read, movies you plan to watch, people and places that you plan to visit, meals you haven’t prepared in a while, or just new goals and achievements.

4.    Pamper yourself

Treat this as free time to show yourself some love. Shave, give your hair a new touch, soak your feet in warm water and scrub them, polish your nails, or shape your eyebrows. Here is a YouTube video on self-care activities that can stimulate you.

5.    Dust and organize

Cabinets are among of the most neglected parts of the house. We vacuum everywhere else but hardly dust off those drawers and their contents. Take some time and give those cabinets some attention and who knows? You might land on an old journal and be tempted to peruse. This brings me to my next point.

6.    Read

No house lacks reading material. At least not the ones I know. Every home has a collection of books, old magazines, comics, and newspapers. Get something that interests you and let it absorb you, if you have nothing physical, the online world is a forest of resources.

7.    Cook

Most people don’t fancy cooking, I don’t either, but it helps me overcome boredom. Downloading recipes for simple meals can give you the psyche you need and make it fun.

8.    Play games

Some old simple games like spider solitaire can be a good distraction. You don’t need to think much but you can find yourself consumed by making moves until time runs out. Other interesting games include pinball, street chaser, candy crush, and car races.

But, maybe your work involves being on the computer all day and you want nothing to do with the screen. Try physical games like puzzles, and building with blocks. If you have kids around, you can engage them in a hide and seek game, dance competitions, scrabble, or chess.

9.    Art and Craft

Art is therapeutic, try it. You may not know how to sketch but you can learn that online in an instant. Create origami flowers, draw cartoons, paint, or color. All these activities can turn your free time into a new talent.

10.  Exercise

I know this doesn’t seem realistic but it does help kill boredom. Look for some simple work-out guides on Netflix or YouTube, follow the instructor, and learn on the go. Just the same way you warm up during routine exercise; you will need to warm up so that you gain momentum.

11.  Watch comedies

One of my best comedians is Trevor Noah; he manages to crack me up no matter how terrible I feel. Who is your favorite comedian? Check them out and have a good laugh.

12.  Journal your memories

It’s been a while since I wrote down a record of what’s happening in my life but recently, on a boring evening, I decided to take some time and write it down. It was amazing how therapeutic it was. That small exercise helped me rediscover my values, the things I should get rid of, and the things I need to acquire. It also gave me clarity on who I need in my life and who I should avoid. Journaling is magical, you shouldn’t only do it when bored, add it to your routine.

Final Remarks

Boredom initially feels like a sense of emptiness and frustration. There is no medical solution to it but engaging in fun activities may help get rid of it. You may list the activities that excite you so that you develop them as these may eventually become productive hobbies.

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